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Citizens Diplomacy International
OCC is at the Summer Experience!

Formerly International Visitors Council of Philadelphia
American Summer Experience July 22
Join us! We will be serving Ice Coffee at a great party for a venerable visionary organization
Citizen Diplomacy Blend For more information http://cdiphila.or

July 22, 2015
College of Physicians 19 S. 22nd Street (a few feet south of Market) It's a Garden Party - rain or shine! (No worries - we'll also be indoors, upstairs and down) Wear your favorite, pretty Garden Party hat!
Coffea Arabica
OCC Supports World Coffee Research

The World Coffee Research (WRC) organization has recently shared some cutting edge findings on Arabica coffee. Coffee Arabica is under pressure in terms of long term sustainability. WCR’s recent research surprisingly
shows that “98.9% of genetic coffee material is the same”! A huge departure from the original wild coffee that was adaptable and disease resistant. WCR’s work will focus on how to deal with lack of diversity, insuring that future coffee plantings will be able to thrive in the reality of a changing climate. What is OCC doing? We are sourcing the majority of our coffee from an Utz certified farm located adjacent rain forest jungle reserve. This farm inter-crops and follows sustainability best practices.
By 2020 we hope to see the fruit of WRC's research (no pun intended) with the introduction of new traditional hybrid coffee families that will grow the premium specialty coffee of the future.For more information: and

Explore Flavor Profiles with Old City Coffee
Join Us in city Kitchen!

Date: Thursday August 6
Time: Noon-1
Place: Reading Terminal Market City Kitchen

Taste and Compare regions and roast colors!
Pour over brewing!
No cost but please rsvp to:

Thursday, March 21st, 2015
RTM City Kitchen
Thursday August 6 Noon-1 Reading Terminal Market, City Kitchen Compare and Taste regions and roast colors! No cost but please RSVP to
Monoprint by Joanne Isaac © 2012
Reading Terminal Market to Begin Delivering with Instacart
Written by Sarah Levitsky

Reading Terminal Market: We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Instacart, the only service that can deliver groceries from multiple local stores within an hour. Beginning later this fall, Instacart will provide delivery of produce and grocery items from participating Reading Terminal Market merchants. Additional products and merchants will be added in a later phase of the program. for more information:

Retro Coffee Day and National Coffee Day at Old City Coffee!
OCC in 1988

Enjoy a 12 ounce iced coffee 1.00 a 1985 price
September 29 National Coffee Day, also known as International Coffee Day seems to have been first celebrated in the early 1980’s. While the exact origin of this celebration is not know, it merits hoopla! The USA along with over one dozen other countries join us in celebrating the bean. Join us to celebrate our 30th year with you!

Old City Coffee is 30 this year. RETRO day is part of a year long clebration

June 21 11 am to close
All OCC retail locations

Coffee Specials

August 26th - September 1st: