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Weekly Special

Great Arabica coffee is grown throughout the world. We could not possibly roast and stock each and every one of them because the coffee would never be fresh! Freshness, careful micro roasting and cup integrity of the bean are our priorities. To offer as many coffee adventures as possible, each week Old City Coffee roasts a special coffee available at a great price for one week only. These selections are chosen to offer our customers a wide variety of taste profiles and are sourced seasonally from our Farm Partners in diverse coffee growing regions. Specials begin on Wednesdays and are available through the following Tuesday.

Order this week’s special below and check our list of upcoming weekly specials. Online and phone orders are accepted for the Weekly Special from the Wednesday the special begins through the last Tuesday of the special (unless we’ve sold out). Quantities are limited. You can shop our full list of coffees by choosing from the categories on the sidebar at left. Order online or call 1-800-497-1371, option #1 for an OCC representative, option #5 to leave a recorded order after store hours.

Available This Week
April 23rd - April 29th:

East Timor, an Island in the nation of Timor-Leste, is a gem from the heart of the coffee belt in Oceania. Grown in ideal conditions, this organic and fair trade bean is delicate and lemony with milk chocolate and caramel notes. What makes Timor especially notable is the fact that its beans are categorized as their own varietal. It naturally mutated between coffee arabica and robusta, which makes it a truly original natural phenomenon in the coffee universe.

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