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Weekly Special

Great Arabica coffee is grown throughout the world. We could not possibly roast and stock each and every one of them because the coffee would never be fresh! Freshness, careful micro roasting and cup integrity of the bean are our priorities. To offer as many coffee adventures as possible, each week Old City Coffee roasts a special coffee available at a great price for one week only. These selections are chosen to offer our customers a wide variety of taste profiles and are sourced seasonally from our Farm Partners in diverse coffee growing regions. Specials begin on Wednesdays and are available through the following Tuesday.

Order this week’s special below and check our list of upcoming weekly specials. Online and phone orders are accepted for the Weekly Special from the Wednesday the special begins through the last Tuesday of the special (unless we’ve sold out). Quantities are limited. You can shop our full list of coffees by choosing from the categories on the sidebar at left. Order online or call 1-800-497-1371, option #1 for an OCC representative, option #5 to leave a recorded order after store hours.

Available This Week
January 28th - February 3rd:

This Single region bean hails from the high altitude San Salvador Volcano peak. Picacho cups with an ideal medley of flavors. We love it's smooth and clean personality with richness and fruity presence.
Cupping Notes: Medium body with delicate red fruit notes. Wet milling process dried mechanically. Medium Roast.

Upcoming Specials

Check out our list of future coffee specials selected from our favorite spots around the world. These specials are available for purchase only on the dates listed below.

February 4th - February 10th
Tanzania Peaberry Mondul Estate-Dark American Roast

In recognition of Black History Month, also known as National African-American Month, we offer this true peaberry brew. With only one seed per cherry, this style of coffee packs more flavor per pound according to many expert cuppers. Enjoy the classic East African taste profile of richness, citrus verve and earthiness.

February 11th - February 17th
Organic Bali Blue Moon

We have roasted our Rainforest Alliance certified Bali Blue Moon to full "2 pop" roast to fully engage coffee buffs with "nutty"taste! The cup starts off with low acidity and smooth, syrupy body. An accompaniment of dark chocolate, vanilla bean, and black licorice flavors leads to a bold presence with a distinctive finish. This coffee is 100% heirloom Typica Arabica coffee that is wet hulled. Enjoy

February 18th - February 24th
Party for the Market! Brew

The 5th Annual Party for the Market is coming.
Show your love for the Reading Terminal Market! Join us for an evening of food, drink, dancing, and live entertainment to celebrate Philadelphia's extraordinary public market. Net proceeds will be dedicated to the preservation of the historic Reading Terminal market, as well as to exciting nutrition education programming for Philadelphia School Children. Tickets will go on sale December1st. In honor of the PARTY FOR THE MARKET at the Reading Terminal Market on Saturday, February 21, we will roast an exquisite coffee that is synonymous with the Market itself! DA roasted Costa Rican Tarrazu from Dota Estate. Tickets can be

February 25th - March 10th
Horticultural Blend

In honor of Philadelphia Flower Show we are featuring our Horticultural blend at the intersection of sustainability, coffee art and film. This brew features generous amount of flavor from naturally harvested sun dried Catuai, Mundo Novo and Acaia Arabica beans grown in Brazil. The coffee Farmer's employ sustainable practices. This is an overall mild yet flavorful crowd pleaser, Brazil Salmo 90%, Sumatra 5%, French Roast 5%

March 11th - March 17th
Java fully washed Siliwangi Dark American Roast

Classic washed coffee from the Java Island. It is increasingly hard to find this traditional preparation that is rich, thick bodied and low acidity.
The old style wet fermentation method creates a sweet and rich atmosphere!